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Open the world map and you can see clearly that Shanghai is located onthe west coast of the Pacific, at the mouth of the Yangtze River, the longest river in Chinaand in the middle of China’s coastline. Through its coastal position Shanghai acts as a link between China’s inland regions and the outside world, and it is unique with both eastern and western cultures.

上海市人民政府With a history of more than 700 years, Shanghai was once the financial center of the Far East. Since the reforms of China, especially the 1990s when Shanghai seized the historical opportunity to develop Pudong, great changes have taken place in the city in terms of the national economy, social undertaking and city appearance. According to the new round of urban development master plan, the municipal government is working hard towards building Shanghai into an international modern metropolis and a global economic, financial, trading and shipping center by 2020.

Shanghai has a land area of 6,340.5 square kilometers and a population of 24.24 million permanent residents at the end of 2018. The municipality is the largest economic center in China and also a major port with per capita GDP reaching 135,000 yuan in 2018.The city continues to open up to foreign investment and trade. By the end of 2018, Shanghai had absorbed investment from 182 countries and regions, registered 670 regional headquarters, 360 investment firms and 441 R&D centers set up by multinational companies.Shanghai Port handled 730.48 million tons of cargos in 2018, including 42.01 million TEUs. By the end of 2017, Shanghai had established sister-city relationship with 85 cities (provinces, states, regions, prefectures, counties or districts) in 57 countries and 75 countries had set up consulates in Shanghai, making the city a dynamic hub of people, trade, capital, technology and information.

上海市人民政府Shanghai is a city of rich culture and history. The Huangpu River meanders along its scenic banks while the Bund, which boasts an array of modern western buildings, and Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone with skyscrapers in the Pudong New Area is on the other side across the river. Ancient gardens and scenic spots like Yuyuan Garden and Longhua Temple attract flocks of visitors. The China Shanghai International Arts Festival and Fashion Shanghai are just part of a slew of international cultural exchange events. Busy commercial centers like Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road and Xujiahuishopping malls are at the forefront of fashion and trendsetters. The Shanghai Expo 2010 voiced out the theme of “Better City, Better Life”.

The Shanghai Municipal Government strives to be a clean, disciplined and law-based entity that embraces its responsibility to serve the people. We are required to lead in the national reform and develop in a scientific way. Driven by innovation and economic upgrade, Shanghai will crack down on difficulties on the way to transferring its development mode, improve independent innovation ability, boost the reform and opening-up and build a harmonious socialist society. On the other hand, we will step up efforts in building Shanghai into a center for international economy, finance, shipping and trade. The city is set to become a socialist modern metropolis with an active economy, complete law-governance, prosperous culture, a harmonious and safe society, an ecological environment and happy residents. Please share your views with us on how we can do better in these respects.

Shanghai people are hardworking, intelligent and known for their hospitality. You are more than welcome to tour or invest in the city. Here you can see Shanghai as a city prosperous in the past, vigorous in the moment and promising in the future.

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